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[Deprecated] These functions are deprecated because we now believe that you're better of performing the comparisons directly, yourself, in order to generate more informative test failures.


bench_tbls(tbls, op, ..., times = 10)

compare_tbls(tbls, op, ref = NULL, compare = equal_data_frame, ...)

compare_tbls2(tbls_x, tbls_y, op, ref = NULL, compare = equal_data_frame, ...)

eval_tbls(tbls, op)

eval_tbls2(tbls_x, tbls_y, op)


tbls, tbls_x, tbls_y

A list of tbl()s.


A function with a single argument, called often with each element of tbls.


For compare_tbls(): additional parameters passed on the compare() function

For bench_tbls(): additional benchmarks to run.


For benchmarking, the number of times each operation is repeated.


For checking, a data frame to test results against. If not supplied, defaults to the results from the first src.


A function used to compare the results. Defaults to equal_data_frame which ignores the order of rows and columns.


eval_tbls(): a list of data frames.

compare_tbls(): an invisible TRUE on success, otherwise an error is thrown.

bench_tbls(): an object of class microbenchmark::microbenchmark()