This reference class represents a text progress bar displayed estimated time remaining. When finished, it displays the total duration. The automatic progress bar can be disabled by setting option dplyr.show_progress to FALSE.

progress_estimated(n, min_time = 0)



Total number of items


Progress bar will wait until at least min_time seconds have elapsed before displaying any results.


A ref class with methods tick(), print(), pause(), and stop().


p <- progress_estimated(3) p$tick() p$tick() p$tick() p <- progress_estimated(3) for (i in 1:3) p$pause(0.1)$tick()$print() p <- progress_estimated(3) p$tick()$print()$ pause(1)$stop() # If min_time is set, progress bar not shown until that many # seconds have elapsed p <- progress_estimated(3, min_time = 3) for (i in 1:3) p$pause(0.1)$tick()$print()
# NOT RUN { p <- progress_estimated(10, min_time = 3) for (i in 1:10) p$pause(0.5)$tick()$print() # }